The company’s website is its online identity

bedriftens nettsideThere are several good reason for having a strong web presence for any given company, and its website should be equally as professional and trust-worthy as the company like to present itself in any given setting. Those companies that lack this understanding are loosing ground fast.

Many companies haven’t yet understood that their presence online often is the first impression customers get. Regardless of what kind of business, people search the web, seeking out possible providers for what ever product or service they’re after. Those that are easy to find and stand out as the most reliable often get the sale.

Companies with their core business on web have grown to understand this impact, though the potential for enhancement is apparent here too. In a lot of cases, one tends to let the drive for functionality and flare triumph the need for usability, and the end result is confused or irritated visitors.

The phrase “less is more” seems to be coined for good web design. Clean, relevant and easily accessed information is crucial in order for the visitor to find whatever he or she is looking for. Functionality should have its soul purpose in making the experience even more smooth.

A good website ensures a good reputation

The grapevine controls ever more of the customers’ decision making on the web. What other customers express is more important that what the company itself claims. Social media is the main channel for the grapevine, and recommendations are liked and shared, commented and tweeted. This recommendations stays with the customers when they’re about to decide on a product or a service, and the provider with the best reputation gets the customer.

This consumer power should be regarded as an opportunity for companies to enhance their products and services, and to strengthen their reputation online. Furthermore, there’s a great value in the immediate feedback available on potential changes a company would like to make to a product even before they’re finalized.

If you as a company already are providing high quality products or services it would be a shame if you’re loosing market shares just because you regard the web as unimportant. An argument I hear all to often is “I mainly deal with returning customers, and the know how to reach me…“. That may be true, but without a steady stream of new customers your business will gradually loose ground and inevitably have no reason to continue. That’s life.


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